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 Senate Bill 1216 Doubles Contributions for the Charitable Tax Credit!!!

Arizona enables residents to direct where a portion of their state income tax is spent. We are a qualifying charitable organization, so residents can receive a dollar for dollar tax credit on their Arizona income tax for donations to Pregnancy Care. In addition, as of May 2016 Arizona doubled the tax credit that individuals are entitled to on their Arizona State taxes for donations made to Pregnancy Care. The deadline for making the donation has been extended from Dec 31st to April 15th *  Married couples filing jointly can donate $800 per year & singles  as well as married couples filing seperatly can donate up to $400 per year for the tax credit. The form that you need to print is form #321 available online

*Donations made between January 1st & April 15th will be eligible to be claimed on your Federal tax return in the calendar year following the actual donation (i.e. donations from January 1st-April 15, 2018 will apply to the 2019 tax year)